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Real Estate

Real Estate

We represent clients in all aspects of real estate including residential and commercial transactions.

Residential Real Estate

The happy event of buying or selling a home can often seem to be a complex, imposing ordeal. We make it simple for you. We will guide you through process from contract to inspections through the final title transfer at closing. We perform all the legal work necessary to complete the transaction including reviewing the contract, negotiating and drafting changes to the contract, obtaining title insurance, procuring and reviewing the survey as well as drafting the necessary closing documents.

Commercial Real Estate

We also represent clients in commercial transactions including the purchase and sale of:

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Office Buildings

  • Shopping Centers

  • Residential Developments

  • Other Real Estate

A Commercial Contract must properly set forth the obligations of both parties in the transaction and to protect our client’s legal rights. We work closely with our clients to negotiate and draft an effective Contract that will lead to a successful transaction. We provide legal advice through the due diligence period to assist our clients in deciding whether they wish to proceed with the purchase. We also assist our clients with procuring construction loans and commercial loans necessary to complete their project. We have represented many developers, apartment building owners and warehouse owners. Whether you are buying/selling commercial property, or negotiating a commercial lease, we are well prepared to accommodate you.